Buyer's Incentive Program

To better assist out-of-state buyers purchase a home in South Florida, The Seaside Group at Douglas Elliman is willing to reimburse the cost of 2 domestic plane tickets to South Florida and a 2-night hotel stay of up to 500 dollars per night to buyers who spend 1 million dollars or more on a luxury property. 

Niki Higgins knows your time is important. Her comprehensive knowledge of the South Florida real estate market, combined with a personal understanding of your real estate needs, helps ensure an efficient and successful acquisition. We are willing to put in the extra work to make sure you are fully satisfied with your new luxury home.

Buyer Advantages with The Seaside Group at Douglas Elliman:

  1. We offer focused expertise—waterfront properties from South Beach to Palm Beach.
  2. We cover every available luxury property.
  3. We provide deeper knowledge of the details that count.
  4. Our knowledge translates to greater negotiating power on your behalf.
  5. You only work with a principal of the firm.
  6. Clients rave about our success and professionalism.

What is Your Closing Going to Cost?

The following are approximate costs that sellers and buyers encounter

Buyer Costs:

  1. Owner's Title Insurance Policy: Cost based upon purchase price at promulgated rate (lowest allowed by law)
  2. Settlement Fee: $495 and up (Plus Courier/Fed Ex fees)
  3. Survey: $325 and up.
  4. Simultaneous Issue of Mtg. Title Insurance: $250
  5. Endorsements — Lender Required: Promulgated Rate
  6. Doc. Stamps on Mortgage(s): $3.50 per $1000
  7. Intangible Tax on Note: $2.00 per $1000
  8. Recording Fees (Deed, Condo Approval & Mortgage): 1st page - $10.00, Additional Pages - $8.50

Seller Costs:

  1. Doc. Stamps on Deed: $7.00 per $1000
  2. Abstract and Title Search: $275 and up
  3. Real Estate Commission: Per Contract
  4. Pay Off Existing Mortgage: Per Payoff Information
  5. Lien Search: $125 and up
  6. Recording Fee for Mortgage Satisfaction: $18.50
  7. Taxes from Jan. 1st to Date of Closing: Prorated
  8. Settle Fees: $495 (plus Courier & Fed Ex Fees)

Refinance, Borrower's Costs:

  1. Owner's Title Insurance Policy (Cost based on purchase price at promulgated rate - lowest allowed by law - refer to chart)
  2. Abstract and Title Search: $275 and up
  3. Settlement Fee: $495 (plus Courier & Fed Ex Fees)
  4. Title Update: No Charge
  5. Endorsements-Lender Required: Promulgated Rate
  6. Doc. Stamps on Mortgage: $3.50 per $1000
  7. Intangle Tax on Note: $2.00 per $1000
  8. Recording Fees (Mortgage): 1st Page - $10, Additional Pages - $8.50

These are estimates and may vary depending on transaction type and county property is located.

Why You Need Title Insurance:

Title Insurance guarantees that you have "clear title" and that it is absolutely legal ownership with no unknown claims or debts against your property. This is crucial to your lender, as they want assurance that the lien they have on the property will always be superior to any other claim.


Expect the utmost level of integrity, professionalism and discretion. Niki delivers a concierge level of service and results having sold over $1billion dollars of closed sales. Let her know when you are ready !

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